Names too on the nose

This will be an odd post for a tech blog. But here is a list of names "too on-the-nose":

  • Kenneth ChesebroGuy from Wisconsin who came up with the alternative electors idea to try to confuse the 2020 elections so the House could throw it to Trump. He seems like a pretty cheesy bro to me.
  • Bernie Madoff — He made off with the money.
  • Terra Rodgers — a "director for superhot rock energy", that is a form of geothermal energy, a kind of terrestrial energy.

More names coming soon!

I've kind of wanted to maintain a list like this for a long time. I sometimes think we're inhabiting a work of fiction, given how contrivedly a propos certain names often are. I encounter these names, and I want to make a note of them.

I'll do that here!

(I think I might once have encountered a Twitter thread in this vein. My apologies to whomever I am ripping off!)

Please get in touch with any suggestions!

Anyway, I'm finally putting together this list here, on my "tech blog", because it's a good way to experiment with an idea that Chris Krycho describes as "sprouts".

Often "posts" ought not be thought of as finished pieces, but as beginnings — seeds, even — of ongoing, evolving work. (Thanks to Erlend Sogge Heggen for pointing me to this piece!)

I've begun by adding support to the <atom:updated> tag in my site generator's RSS.

When I make meaningful changes, I can update this value, and my feed will re-sort the updated post to the top, and prefix "Updated:" to the title. I can optionally mark posts to create a new GUID for each update, which may cause tools (like my own feedletter) to treat them as new posts.

(For now, I am leaving that turned off for this post, and just re-sorting updates to the top of the feed. In the future, who knows?)

There's lots, lots more to explore in this vein. Do read Chris Krycho's post. But this, I hope, is a start.